How we work

We adequate/integrate our processes and software to your business needs in order to seamlessly transition your accounts payable deparment to us. This will increase effciency, decrease costs and build strong quality controls. We make sure you will be focused on your growth and expansion.


Flexible worlflow approvals

We can build the apprroval workflow at your needs, by project, by account code, based on Financial Authority, etc.

Purchase orders and requests

Our service includes a PO and request platform it will make your procurement very simple and user friendly

OCR and Automatic matching

With the OCR technology the process gains speed, we are able to make a lot of invoices with one single person.

Exception management

For invoices that do not comply with the 3-way matching, our experienced team will get them resolved, we will email, call, escalate if needed to get the job done.

Vendor Portal

Now your vendors will have access to submit the invoices trough the portal, see payment status and communicate with us.

ERP Integration

We can integrate our software to yours, no matter which one you have! This will make the process seamless and accurate.


We provide dashboards with all the information about timing, issues, vendor expense, etc., this will help you make great insights to make decisions.

Audit and Risk control

We will be prepared for any audit request you have from external or internal auditors, all the invoices will be organized and with its backup.


By having outsourced staff you save in recruitment cost, equipment cost, utilities cost and wages cost.
Our services give you access to an automated process, reducing time and paperwork, you will have experienced personel focus mainly on your invoices.
You wont have to worry anymore to cover the annual leaves of your personel, we got that covered for you.
Our technology lets you track the process workflow wherever you are.
Standarized guidelines that ensure correct payable process with strong controls.
If your volume suddenly sky rockets, we are prepared to take it in no time!
With our vendor portal, it will be a lot easier for the vendor to submit and check status of the invoices.
Standarized guidelines that ensure correct payable process with strong controls